Friday, February 12, 2010

TWD: Black and White Chocolate Cake, Day 4 of "8 Days with Dorie"

April of Abby Sweets chose Black and White Chocolate Cake almost exactly two years ago for Tuesday's with Dorie. It was only the 6th recipe chosen for the new baking group.

This is a white cake with alternating layers of dark and white chocolate filling. White chocolate whipped cream covers the outside of the cake.

The predominant flavor is definitely white chocolate. If you like white chocolate, this cake is for you. I tend to go to the dark side where chocolate is concerned, so I thought it was just OK. My husband really liked it, though, and had two pieces in one sitting.

OK! If you'd like to check out the recipe, please get your hands on Dorie Greenspan's book "Baking, From my Home to Yours" or visit April's blog.

I'll finish up the chocolate recipes tomorrow with Almost Fudge Gateau.


Megan said...

I never did make that cake, because I don't like white chocolate.

The almost-fudge gateau was really popular here!

Susan said...

I haven't made this one. I like white chocolate so I should. Yours looks beautiful!resove

Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] said...

I'm ok with white chocolate, don't LOVE it.. But this cake looks good! Maybe I should try it out?

Clivia said...

Bravo Jacque for baking all these goodies! The black and white cake was before my time too. I love white chocolate and have a birthday coming up,so maybe it's the one to try.
Thanks for all your heard work!