Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TWD: Berry Surprise Cake, Day 9 of my TWD Marathon

Mary Ann from Meet Me in the Kitchen picked Berry Surprise Cake in January, 2009 for Tuesday's with Dorie. We were moving around that time and I didn't have the time or cookware to make this.

Too bad, because it was a delight. With a genoise cake shell hiding a whipped cream-cream cheese-berry filling and cloaked in more whipped cream, what's not to love?

Seriously, this "cake" was all about the whipped cream and fruit. The cake was really no more than a vessel to hold the goodies. And I Love, love, loved it!

I took a few pictures of the cake coming together since it was kind of fun to make.

In theory, we were to bake a nice tall cake that was to have a thin layer removed from the top (to be used later as a sort of lid) and then be hollowed out in order to hold the yummies. In reality, the cake rose beautifully and then sunk not-so-beautifully. So I improvised. It was already bowl shaped...

... so instead of taking a thin layer off the top, I took a thin layer off the bottom. Notice the flour that was not mixed in well.

A thin layer of filling coated the bottom of the "bowl".

Then a pile of fruit went in and was topped by more filling.

The lid went on top and then it was whipped cream city, folks.

I had to share this cake with friends. Otherwise I was gonna be eating this one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

OK, please visit Mary Ann's blog to see the recipe, or check out Dorie Greenspan's book, "Baking, From my Home to Yours".

Tomorrow is the grand finale of my Dorie marathon. See you then :)


Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Angels made that cake!
It is so delightful and light and ethereal looking. Simply wonderful.

grace said...

are you kidding me? finally, the proper proportion of filling to cake. :)
this isn't the grand finale? it excites me to think of what might be better than this!

sarahe said...

wow--i missed this one too but it looks amazing! perfect for anything in the spring...

Carrie's Classics said...

Ok, I'm the odd one out here. (And I know it.) But, for me, I don't like whipped cream, so this would definitely not be a cake I would make. It looks beautiful though!

margot said...

Oh, that was a good one! I ended up making two cakes since I thought my first one was too skimpy, but your solution is much better.

m3 card said...

Delicious! Love this recipe. Keep posting such yummy recipes. I will keep visiting this site very often.

Pamela said...

You know, I can't remember if I made this one or not. Guess I'd better go back and check my archives. Looks fab!