Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TWD: Chocolate Whopper Malted Drops

If I won the lottery… once I was done blowing money on the things you'd expect, I’d hire a staff of people to do the tasks that I, frankly, just don’t want to do anymore.

Here’s a partial list of my staff. I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting.

1. Form Filler Outer – this person would be responsible for filling out all forms... school, doctors, dentists, kids activities, financial and on and on and on. I’m really tired of writing down my name, address, and emergency contact numbers.

2. Homework Administrator - this staff member would make sure the children's homework is neatly done, checked, and signed off in a timely manner. Must be able to withstand stress, tears, noise, stubborn streaks, and forgetfulness, along with occasional screaming.

3. Cook – this goes without saying. Same for the team of maids. Grocery shopping also required.

4. Errand Runner – dropping off books at the library, calling to make appointments, running forgotten lunches to school, RSPV-ing to birthday parties, and the 8,497 other things that come up each week.

5. Disciplinarian – this person would be responsible for handing out all discipline to the rug rats in a fair, consistent, compassionate, no-nonsense manner. Must possess an iron will while at the same time having the touch of an angel. May occasionally have to deal with stray neighbor kids as well.

6. Waker Upper - Someone to wake up the kids on school days. Here in the third week of school, it’s not a big deal, but come late winter… oh yea, not something I like to face first thing in the morning. Also, must be able to tell the difference between real and fabricated illnesses.

7. Personal trainer – this one's a biggie. This person would make me work out and would also make me want to work out. This person would get me into tip-top shape and would monitor my Tuesday’s with Dorie intake to make sure I burn more calories than I consume.

8. Oh yea, a masseuse, I need one of those too. Really, I do. I need one!

9. Well, heck, now that we've landed squarely in Fantasyland, I need someone to make me look good! Picking the perfect hairstyle for me and then executing it each day; skin care to make me look fresh and vibrant, and a wardrobe manager. This person has to have the same body size as me and know my tastes so they can clothes shop for me.

10. Hmmm... maybe a chauffeur, with salary being based on their "on-time percentage" (meaning getting me and the family to our destination on time, or maybe even a few minutes early (gasp!)). He or she would be responsible for ensuring the children are fully dressed, with socks and shoes on, hair combed, bodily functions attended to, preferrably with minimal fuss. Plus load whatever snacks, drinks, extra clothes, gear, wipes, purse, wallet, cell phones, tickets if required, directions, $3-off coupons, etc. into the car beforehand. Forgetting items and having to turn back would be grounds for docking pay.

So what does this have to do with Chocolate Whopper Malted Drops, this week’s Tuesday with Dorie pick? Well, nothing, really. I was just amusing myself. (And feel free to amuse me with what your staff would look like when you win the lottery too. Maybe we could be neighbors and trade staffers now and again.)

OK, I’ll make with the cookie comments quick-like.

I give them two thumbs up! One of the kids even liked them (this from exclusively sugar and chocolate-chip cookie loving kids). They were moist, chocolatey, and caramelly in spots thanks to the Whoppers.

Initially, I put the Whoppers in a bag and whacked them good with the rolling pin to chunk them up. Then, after tasting the dough, I decided it needed additional crunch so I added more Whoppers that I had cut up but left fairly large. (See photo below, I used a 5 oz. box total for a half batch.)

I refrigerated the dough for a few hours before baking because it seemed too soft. After scooping out cookies onto baking sheets, I didn't flatten them down. I was glad I didn't... any thinner might have been too thin.

Thanks so much to this week's host, Rachel of Confessions of a Tangerine Tart. Good pick! The recipe can be found on Rachel's site, or in Dorie Greenspan's book "Baking: From My Home to Yours".

Wait a minute (scratching head)... why does it take 10+ people to do all the things I do?

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