Friday, October 22, 2010

FFwD: Hachis Parmentier

In this, the fourth installment of French Fridays with Dorie, we tackled a dish some of us couldn't pronounce, Hachis Parmentier. Which is fancy-talk for shepherd's pie.

The shepherd's pie of my childhood consisted of a layer each of hamburger, corn, and tater tots. I know, classy, huh?

Compared to that, Hachis Parmentier is very classy. The bottom layer consists of sausage and beef, first cooked in homemade boullion. The upper layer is creamy mashed potatoes topped with Gruyere and Parmesan cheeses.

You can see it here before baking, dotted with butter.

I really enjoyed this, a real meat-and-potatoes meal. Literally. The meat layer was packed with flavor. Sadly, neither of my boys liked it. (Their tastes are probably more in line with the tater tot version.)

Although I enjoyed it, the amount of dirty dishes generated will probably push it into the "special occasions" section of my cooking repertoire. (And this isn't all of them!)

If you'd like to see the recipe... please go check out the FFWD site (this month only, recipes are supplied), or get a copy of Dorie's new book "Around my French Table".

See you next week when we make apple cake. Yum, can't wait!


chocolatechic said...

This was just so good.

I wish that I had had some gruyere cheese, but I didn't.

Audrey said...

Now I want to go out and buy some tater tots...I was in love with them when I was little. :)

Susi said...

It looks delicious! I'm looking up the recipe asap, sounds like it would make for an awesome meal for next week!

Anonymous said...

real meat and potatoes. hmm. everyone needs that once in a while :)

Katrina said...

Ditto all that--too many dishes and I kind of like the classic one I've always made--catchup in the meet, green beans and mashed potatoes. AND yes, way too many dishes.
Fun to try new things though.

Clivia said...

I don't like to think about the dirty dishes. ::g::
Though I'd never cooked with sausage meat before, my family liked this one.

Anonymous said...

I did feel like I was doing dishes all day today, but it was ultimately worth it - this dish was a hit.

Sis. Boom. said...

All the dirty dishes! Right? And having to actually make leftovers for this dish? lol. Still, I loved it!
Trevor Sis. boom.

Indie.Tea said...

That looks really delicious and comforting. Nice for a simple birthday dinner with loved ones.
The apple cake sounds exciting.