Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm giving something away!

You know you have too many cookbooks when you order one you already have. Yup! I did just that last week.

I am the proud of owner of two copies of "The Sweet Melissa Baking Book", and I want to give one to a lucky baker out there. I've found so many generous and sharing bakers since starting this blog and I'd like to give back to the baking community.

It's got a lot of fantastic sounding recipes. I have yet to make one but I have one earmarked as my inspiration for next month's pie recipe.

Since I am so enjoying watching my kids and all of their whacky grade school antics, I thought it would be fun to hear some of y'alls stories from when you were kids. Leave a comment to this post, and tell me one story or memory or favorite teacher or run in with the principal or first boyfriend or whatever from when you were in elementary school.

I'll close the giveaway in two weeks, on November 6, at midnight. By then I'll have figured out one of those random generator thingies and I'll use it to find the lucky winner.

Good luck!


chocolatechic said...

Elementary school?

That was soooooo long ago.

I don't really have any funny memories of school, as I was a very obedient student.

Except when I was in first grade.

At show and tell, I told everyone that we had gone to Florida. The story I told was elaborate and believable till I told them that we came back the next day. (we live in Ohio)

I got a whipping from the teacher for telling lies.

Lauren said...

In elementary school, we would have school lunch only on tuesdays. It was hot dog day and we could get a bad of granny goose potato chips with our hot dogs. I remember we would always look through our bags of chips to find the ones that were green. I don't know to this day why they were green (I'm guessing unripe potatoes??)


I remember my 5th grade boyfriend. Who coincidentally is still one of my facebook friends.
I was sitting in the hallway reading a book and he handed me a note, with my name on it and a heart around it. I opened it up and inside it said,
"Will you be my girlfriend?"
with a yes, no and maybe box! I kid you not!!! Of course I said yes. He was the first boy I ever kissed. We didn't tell his now wife that though! LOL

Becky O. said...

Hmm.. well, my first kiss was in first grade. His name? Billy Bacon : )