Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No Cookie Cutter? No problem.

Let’s say you want to make some decorated cookies but you don’t have the right cutter. No problem! All you have to do is make a template of your cutter shape, lay it on the rolled out cookie dough, and cut around it with a knife. Would you want to do this for 100 cookies? Probably not, it can be tedious. But if you only need a small number of cookies, it works just fine.

For my example, I found the shape I needed on the internet (a foam finger shape). I printed it out to exactly the size I wanted. Then I took a piece of freezer paper and placed the non-shiny side to the back of the print out. I then cut the shape out of both pieces and voila! Template is done. (printout is left, freezer paper template is right)

Now, if you want a custom cutter and you aren’t crazy about paying $10 for it (and you have a tiny bit of mechanical aptitude) you might try making your own cookie cutters. Foose cutters carries a cookie cutter making kit. One tip: when you run out of the copper banding, go down to your local craft store and buy the biggest tin circle cookie cutter you can find. Cut it open and use that for your new cutter. Measure around your desired shape first to make sure the circle is big enough. BTW, you can find a great tutorial on making cookie cutters --- here. Thanks Peg!

(If you don’t mind laying out some cash, I like and Both of them make a huge variety of cutters. If you’ve won the lottery, by chance, you might want to drop by . Yes, I'm being snarky, lol.)

Next tip, rolling the cookies to an even, consistent thickness. The secret? Wooden dowels from the hardware store. Get yourself some wooden dowels of the desired thickness (I like 5/16”) and cut in half. When it’s time to roll out the cookies, place one half on either side of your dough and roll out, with your rolling pin resting on the dowels. Easy peasy!

I know there are plenty of gadgets out there that serve the same purpose, but this one only costs about a buck.

OK, that’s all for now. Happy Baking!


Flourchild said...

Very cool idea..thanks for sharing this with us on TWD..Im so gonna do this!

Em said...

Found you thru the TwD P&Q and I gotta tell ya, this is a most ingenious idea! I have tried using those "bands" that you can put around your rolling pin... underwhelmed, you might say. But this? Ingenious! I will have to try it.