Friday, July 18, 2008

6 Random Things Meme

Hey there! I've been tagged by Susie Homemaker at She's Becoming DoughMesstic (love that blog name, lol). I'm to tell you 6 random things about myself, then tag others, and let her know...

1. I have the rarest blood type.

2. I've moved 37 times (or is it 38, hmmmm...)

3. I like bluegrass music, which most people who know me probably wouldn't guess.

4. Maybe you've figured it out by my (random) flower pictures, but I love flowers.

5. It kills me to throw out a magazine, so you can imagine what my closet looks like.

6. The funniest sounding town I've driven by was Chunky, Mississippi. (No disrrespect to Chunky, Mississippians :) )

Since I'm doing this on the fly, how about just tell me/us some random things about yourself. (I dare you! it's harder than you think.)

Thanks Susie Homemaker... this was fun!

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